In Colorado and states that have freezing temperatures sprinkler winterization is a MUST. It’s also very important to ensure that it is done properly to avoid any damage to your sprinklers or system over the winter months. Sometimes this is also referred to as a sprinkler ‘blowout’ but it’s referring to the same maintenance operation of draining you sprinkler system of all excess water.

How to Winterize your Sprinkler System in Colorado

It’s important to get ALL of the excess water out of your sprinkler system to ensure no freezing happens that could lead to cracked irrigation lines and sprinklers. Various damage isn’t uncommon if water is left in the lines which can lead to repairs before the next season for startup.

The best way to do this is to first drain your system, making sure it is off and set to an ‘offseason’ or winter condition. Shut off/disconnect the main supply. Next, make sure all the water is out of the system by using a compressor with the regulator set to a maximum of 80psi for rigid pipes or 50 psi for flexible polyethylene to blow the water out of the pipes. When you run the compressor on the system open the main drains for each zone if equipped.

We Can Help Winterize

While this may seem simple, it’s important to be thorough in getting ALL the water out of your system. This is a small season-ending maintenance that sometimes gets overlooked and leads to expenses during sprinkler startup. If you’d like us to do the work and apply our expertise give us a call at: 303.800.8263